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Your process, automated.

Simplify the work. Package more product. Expand your operation.

Lower Cost of Ownership
Increased Production Capabilities
One Source Manufacturer

Do you find yourself

worrying about…

  • Undependable labor

  • Unreliable equipment & support

  • Slow processes

  • Packaging inconsistencies

  • Innovation in your industry

Isn’t it time to create a packaging automation solution that works for you?

When you choose NOVA Automation you can expect


We listen first, design second and iterate as we go to create a solution that truly fits your needs.


Since our inception, our team has been solving problems our competitors simply won’t touch.


After installation, we’ll work together to fine-tune your system and keep it running.

NOVA Automation manufactures

packaging machinery solutions for…

Bulk Foods

Mining and Minerals

Lawn and Garden

Building Materials

Industrial Materials

Agriculture and Feed


Chemicals and Plastics

Pet Food

"NOVA Automation attacks areas of packaging that aren't standard in the industry but have a unique and intentional design and purpose."

GoranRogers Sugar Inc.

Here's how we do it...

Listen & Plan

Each company has diverse and specific needs. We spend dedicated time with your team to discover ways to improve and automate your processes. After the discovery period, our team creates a customized plan.

Design & Install

Experienced engineers take the plan and tailor a design that checks all your boxes. Your system is built from scratch and tested at the NOVA Automation lab before we install it at your location. We’re not done until your team is trained and your system is rollin’.

Pack & Deliver

With your NOVA Automation system in place, you’ll leave the stress of inefficient and inconsistent packaging behind. You’ll easily meet demand, keep your customers happy and deliver quality packaged goods.

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The NOVA Automation process…

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What makes NOVA Automation so different?

The NOVA Automation approach to the challenges our clients face isn’t a one size fits all solution. Over our 25+ years in business, we’ve developed completely customized solutions that address each of our customers needs. Our competitors won’t even entertain the types of problems we have solved again and again.

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We know that working with bulk products is a heavy job. Without automation, you experience high employee turnover, or worse, costly employee injuries. Maybe your production process is slow and packaging issues cause it to grind to a halt. Or maybe inconsistencies in your system are causing you to lose customers.

Our team focuses on building a relationship with you first to uncover your true needs and then creates a solution that fits. Every component of your system is built from scratch and assembled in the NOVA Automation Lab located in Denver, Colorado. The entire system is carefully tested and tweaked before being delivered to your warehouse. Once there, we carefully install it and train your team.

With your NOVA Automation system in place, you’ll experience a lower cost of ownership, increased production capabilities and improved satisfaction from your customers. Plus, you’ll have a partner to depend on who believes that your success is our success.

Are you ready to discover the NOVA Automation difference?

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