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Our Products

At NOVA Automation we don’t create products we think our clients will want. We create products we know they want because we spend time listening to their unique needs then creating a solution. All of our products are customizable to different spaces and products.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out. We specialize in solving our client’s most complex packaging challenges.

Robotic Palletizing

NOVA Automation uses world-leading robotic technologies to integrate complete system solutions. Our engineers guide our clients to the best equipment solution tailored to their exact application requirement for bags, cases, pails, drums and kegs.

Conventional Palletizers

NOVA Automation creates both low-entry and high entry palletizer designs to meet all types of speed and product demands.

Pallet Wrapping

NOVA Automation’s engineers have addressed all three primary requirements of load wrapping; speed, load stability and protection from the environment, with innovative designs and features not found in any other wrapping system.

Automatic Bagging

NOVA Automation bagging systems achieve the highest operating efficiency and offer labor saving ROI for all types of poly, paper, woven and laminated bag filling applications.

Bulk Bag and Tote Fillers

NOVA Automation builds total filling system solutions ranging from simple fill stations to fully automated packaging lines that offer, safety, speed, dust control and labor reduction.

Weighing and Filling

NOVA Automation scales and fillers are designed to maximize fill speed and accuracy while providing simplified maintenance and operation.

Bulk Material Transfer

NOVA Automation Trough Conveyors and Loading Hoppers are designed for the harshest operating environments. Our loading hoppers are built from heavy plate steel with extreme reinforcement at points of contact and come in both powered feed and gravity flow designs.

Robotic Case Loading

NOVA Automation is a leader in the design of custom robotic case loading solutions for heavy-duty industrial applications. Our engineers design orientation and end tool equipment that handles unique package designs at a high rate with maximum up-time.

Conveying, Safety and Accessories

NOVA Automation knows that every packaging and palletizing line is only as strong as its weakest component. That’s why we design and build every major component and piece of equipment within our scope of system supply.

Upgrades & Retrofits

NOVA never stops striving to improve on the designs of our own equipment, as well as assisting clients with enhancing performance of equipment made by others. We offer a wide range of retro-fit and upgrade kits for conventional and robotic palletizers, bagging scales, stretch wrappers, pallet conveyors, bag conditioners, automatic baggers, and more.


"NOVA worked with us from ideation all the way to solutions. They tailored their products to create exactly what we needed."

Chris DuckJM Huber

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