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NOVA Bulk Bag & Tote Fillers

NOVA’s bulk bag filling equipment is designed with functionality and simplicity in mind. They are available in standalone configurations to automated systems with a wide variety of customizable features and support bulk bags, super sack, and tote fillers. Each configuration delivers optimum performance across specific capacity ranges with maximum cost-effectiveness and fill accuracy. The same rugged, no-nonsense design we incorporate into every one of our machines, is carried through to each supporting component piece within the total system.

Key features of NOVA’s bulk bag filling equipment:

  • Optional metering systems can be added to control product feed including gravity type valves and powered feeder assemblies
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic cylinders are engineered to lift, stretch and settle the bag during and after filling
  • The Model BBF-4 can be equipped with a wide range of discharge options including both motor driven and powered tilt conveyors. Optional pallet dispensers enable rates as high as 30 bags per hour
  • Bag carriages adjust easily for many different sizes of bags and feature easy load bag hooks, inflatable fill heads and a host of optional dust extraction and bag liner inflation systems
  • Intergraded control packages feature a variety of PLC’s and visual displays to assure ease of total process operation
  • Rugged scale decks meet NTEP Conformance Standards and are built to withstand tough, industrial applications

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