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We’re Revolutionizing Field Service

The world is changing and how field service is consumed needs to change too. It’s no longer feasible for field service technicians to jump on a plane and take care of any equipment issues. NOVAsite changes the way NOVA conducts field service appointments.

Our customers can now use our hands free smart glasses or download our app to their smartphone and be connected to a NOVA field service rep within seconds.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Increased collaboration between organizations
  • Reduce costs for field service support
  • Faster onboarding for operators
  • Quicker repair times (What used to take days, can now take hours)
  • Multi-Device Functionality and Device Optimized UX
  • Data sync between devices
  • Offline Access
  • Easy to Setup Wi-Fi Connection
  • Bluetooth Tool Connectivity
  • Notifications
  • Analytics for tracking specific events or unique application issues
  • Screen Sharing
  • HD Audio & Video Streaming

HOW NOVAsite Works

  • Supported with all NOVA systems
  • The operator can remotely connect with NOVA support, sharing a first-person point of view through smart glasses, mobile devices, or even web browsers
  • Access to maintenance procedures, specs, manuals, and inspections through smart glasses or mobile device
  • Input information or control interface via voice command
  • Remotely control camera, capture photos, screen share, or even draw to provide guidance or assistance
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