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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions

How is NOVA different from other industrial packaging machinery companies?

We create end-to-end packaging automation solutions that meet the needs of your business, budget, and are designed to fit the space you have available.

How will your automation solution pay back my initial investment?

To help calculate your return on investment of a packaging machinery purchase, please see our ROI calculator here. Start with your numbers and see how long it will take for your investment to pay for itself.

How do you service your equipment? Do all your guys have to travel from Denver?

We understand how detrimental any downtime can be, so our service team responds quickly to service needs. All of our systems ship standard with remote access and monitoring capabilities to allow our team to get your issue resolved quickly. If onsite travel is required, we have technicians throughout the US with decades of combined experience and they are all company trained on specific NOVA Automation equipment.

Can NOVA supply engineering or equipment for process upstream of the bagging line?

NOVA has partnerships with companies that can help supply additional packaging materials you may need.

Can NOVA test my product before I buy?

Yes and no. Due to the environmentals required and the variables in products, testing is difficult to perform at production levels. However, we often are able to complete small scale tests and simulation to make sure there are no risks with the product. Once your purchase is made, your packaging line is completely assembled and tested in our plant. We invite you to attend the factory acceptance test (FAT) to sign off on your new line before it ships.

What is the cost of a complete fully automated packaging system?

Price will vary depending on industry and solution requirements. The price of a typical packaging line for mulch and soil products is $645,000 depending on options purchased. The major components include in this price are volumetric filler, horizontal form fill and seal, palletizer, and stretch wrapper. The price of a typical packaging line for powered materials or granular materials is $795,000 depending on options purchased. The major components included in this price are a weighing system, valve bag or open mouth bagger, palletizer, and stretch wrapper.

Can one system bag multiple product types?

Yes, it is very common to use a single packaging line to package different product types. We see this across many industries such as pet food, animal feed and seed, bulk foods, bakery products, and the mulch and soil industry to name a few.

What are the electrical and pneumatic requirements for your industrial packaging machinery solutions?

Each industrial packaging machinery system may have a different requirements but as a standard 480V/3P/60Htz/200 Amps and 60 SCFM Air is a good estimate to start with.

What is the delivery date expected?

Delivery of our industrial packaging machinery solutions is based on current manufacturing workload. Normally 12 to 16 weeks from time of order placement with down payment.

What is the bpm rate on your automatic bagging machines? (Bags per Minute)

Depending on weight or density of material being bagged, BPM rates on our automatic bagging systems vary. Powdered materials will see slower rates. Whereas, granular free flowing products will see rates around 25 BPM and faster with the right conditions.

What size building do I need or how much space do I need for a packaging automation system?

Space requirements can vary from system to system. A good initial estimate is a building at least 125’ long X 50’ wide x 18’ eve height.

Do you manufacture the complete packaging automation system?

Yes, we make all of the major components to your line here at our plant. We buyout and integrate items such as printers, labelers, metal detectors, and similar items.

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