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NOVA Turn Device Upgrade

The NOVA Automation Turn Device has been in the field for over two decades. As technology has become more affordable and accessible to implement, it’s time to make some upgrades. We’ve made two significant changes:

1. The chain and sprocket actuation

2. Motor/VFD combo

The previous model of the Turn Device featuring the motor and VFD achieved high rates of speed using proximity switches and a DC brake to stop quickly in position, with the Achilles heel being precision/repeatability.

The newest addition is a servo motor with a controller. This setup allows for added precision on the turning of the product and an optimized powerband, resulting in better-looking layers and faster throughput. The servo and controller upgrade is a drop-in replacement for Turn Device, making it easy to swap out and return to production in as little as one day.

Download Turn Device Upgrade Data Sheet

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