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NOVA Model MPC 30, 50, 80 kg

Mobile Palletizing Cell

NOVA Automation’s Mobile Palletizing Cell provides companies of all sizes the opportunity to palletize their product more consistently and efficiently. Our customer’s just need to pick up the palletizing cell with a forklift, place it where they want, connect to power and air, and it’s ready to go.

Plug. Play. Profit.

Key Features of the 30,50, 80 KG Mobile Palletizing Cell

  • Ready to palletize on delivery
  • No Install Required
  • Place the palletizing cell with a forklift, add power, connect to compressed air, and you’re all set
  • System includes NOVA’s safety zone scanner to provide interaction with operators during continuous operations
  • Comes standard with NOVA’s advance control system and pallet builder software, allowing your operators to design new patterns in minutes
  • Available in 30, 50, 80 kg payload robots
  • Option to palletize on both sides of the cell for increased efficiency
  • Smaller, more mobile footprint than a conventional palletizer, allowing you to easily relocate within your plant if needed

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