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NOVA Model OMB-4200

Open Mouth Bagger

NOVA Automation offers an open mouth bagging system suitable for companies across many industries. The OMB-4200 is designed to be more cost efficient, safer and offer increased performance. Whether you are bagging pet food, seed, feed, sugar or other types of bulk materials, the OMB-4200 enables you and your team to produce product at a much higher volume without worrying about the detrimental costs of downtime.

Key Features

  • Market leading fully automated product change over. The system comes standard with servo-controlled change over. Simply load your bags on the magazine, select your product recipe, and the machine makes all necessary adjustments and it’s ready to start bagging.
  • Includes a comprehensive sensor package to ensure the system continues to run and can automatically clear faults
  • Auto bag indexing squaring to ensure proper placement on the fill spout.
  • Empty bag magazine detection
  • Bag pre-opener vacuum detection with auto recovery
  • Missing bag detection prevents system from filling if bag is not properly on the fill spout.
  • Auto bag reject, clearing and recovery eliminates stoppages for faulty bags.
  • Safety glass surrounding the machine to provide easy viewing for quality control.
  • Robust construction designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments: 3.5” square tube steel frame main frame, 2” and 1” aluminum anodized moving swinger and transfers arms, type 304 stainless contact parts and corrosion resistant packages available.
  • Bag settling conveyor designed to help fill hard to settle products in bags maximizing usable bag volume.
  • Empty bag swinger arm comes standard with mid swing position to minimize placement time if waiting on fill cycle.
  • Bag grippers maintain bag control eliminating any type of bag top reforming.
  • Comes standard with overside bag magazine reducing empty bag fills and extending run-time.
  • System comes standard with integrated resistant bar heat sealer compatible with zippers and resealable poly bags.
  • Optional full bag transfer system to external sealer: sewing machine, pinch bag sealer, hot air sealer, etc.
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