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A unique solution to improve safety and production in bulk food packaging

Like many bulk food packaging operations, Rogers Sugar Inc. knew the industry demanded constant improvement. Their systems needed to keep productivity at peak levels. And so, when the Canadian company wanted to work with a partner that would help them move forward in their global industry, NOVA Automation was the perfect fit. 

The problem:  The hard, physical labor was taking a toll on employees who loaded sugar bags and bales onto a pallet for shipping. In fact, workers were lifting 20-40 kg (44-88 lbs.) more than 600 times in an hour. It was a potential safety hazard that Rogers wanted to reduce. At the same time, they needed to improve palletizing efficiency currently done by hand, which can result in increased labor costs.

The solution: NOVA Automation created a tailored integrated system that included traffic control, scanning, and sorting capable of managing 19 SKUs with full accumulation for palletizing and automated top board, labeling and wrapping at exit. 

 The new system allows them to:

  1.     Get the job done more efficiently
  2.     Improve the safety and well-being of the staff 
  3.     Improve productivity
  4.     Add flexibility in job staffing to the entire company

Working closely with the Rogers Sugar staff, NOVA did trials of different shapes and sizes. This allowed NOVA to design lines and flows to increase capacity. This automation project was an initial challenge to NOVA. Through their structured yet creative design process, NOVA was able to overcome the complexity and challenges presented. They were able to handle simple patterns such as the 5 x 7 layers of sugar bales, to a more complicated 10 x 14-layer cubes and other patterns that required very specific robotic tooling.

The Rogers staff was impressed when NOVA was able to get that pattern—and NOVA made it work!

NOVA Automation’s mission is to “solve complex challenges with innovative automated packaging solutions that transform processes, people and businesses.”  And from palletizing to sorting, NOVA Automation was a huge part of the operation. The NOVA team worked in the facility with staff to identify problems and integrate solutions. And, there was also top-notch training for the Rogers employees.

 The employees at Rogers Sugar feel that robotic palletizing has transformed their workplace for the long-term. And, the productivity will only evolve and improve with time.

 If you are wondering if there is a way to improve your system  in bulk food packaging, building materials, lawn and garden, pet food, agriculture and seed, and many more, contact us. We’ll find a solution that works with your processes to increase production.