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Benefits of Turning to Automated Packaging Systems in the Food and Beverage Industry

Robotic palletizer for food and beverage manufacturer

Benefits of Turning to Automated Systems in the Food and Beverage Industry 

Packaging and automation companies in the food and beverage industry are eager to partner with customers who seek efficiency and productivity. The manual packaging process in our industry can often be a source of tedium and significant expense. However, transitioning to automated systems can bring a welcome relief, offering a more streamlined and cost-effective approach.  

Benefits of Automating End of End-of-Line Systems  

Some main benefits of moving to automated packaging and palletizing are reduced costs, quality improvements, keeping up with demand, and improved efficiency. You can cut costs significantly within the food and beverage industry by moving away from manual labor. These automated systems can also improve quality and consistency. Each packaging component would consistently look the same, and the quality would be the same each time. Fewer errors. Keeping up with the demand of this industry is also a common problem. Reduced timing is a big part of this because it is hard to have a manual system that takes much longer to get things packaged when the demand for a specific item is so high.  

Automated Systems for High Mix Low Volume Manufacturing 

A big problem for companies moving to automated systems is that high-mix and low-volume manufacturers need more adaptability and lower costs. Typically, traditional automation does not suit the needs of these manufacturers, especially when they need custom parts for small batches of products. But modern automation with robotic packaging and palletizing is changing these biases. These new systems, like the ones offered by NOVA, are customizable, flexible, and easily programmed, instilling confidence in their ability to meet diverse needs.  

Return on Investment for Automated Packaging Machinery

Automating your end-of-line food and beverage system can be incredibly beneficial in terms of cost. Automated packaging robots can cut the costs of packaging in the long term.  

Our ROI calculator makes it easy to calculate the Return on Investment and see how long it would take for an automated system to pay for itself.  

At NOVA, we use conventional and robotic solutions and create systems for the packaged foods industry that meet the required turnaround times. The food and beverage industry is moving towards automation because of all the benefits these new robotic systems offer, including ours at NOVA. Learn more about the food and beverage industry and how we are changing the game.