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A Quick Guide to Automated Packaging Equipment: Robotic Palletizing, Automatic Bagging and Pallet Wrapping

Two workers are examining a manufacturing machine in an industrial facility, surrounded by equipment and materials.


After years of slide decks and ROI models, you finally got the green light to automate portions of your packaging line.

Now, where to start?

You’ve come to the right place.

Here at NOVA Automation, we meet our customers where they’re at in their automation journey. Whether you’re looking for a standalone robotic palletizer or a full packaging system from the hopper all the way through the stretch wrapper, we can help.

Let’s break down your automation options below:

Robotic Palletizing Solutions for Bags, Cases, Pails and More

Robotic Palletizing is a great place to start your automation journey. Not only from an ROI perspective, but from a safety perspective as well. Nobody wants to palletize 50 lbs. cases over and a over again for eight hours – except a robot.

It’s also extremely useful to scaling customers and must palletize products at a higher rate to meet demand.

We make robotic systems capable of palletizing rates up to 1,560 bags per hour or 2,100 cases per hour. We use world-leading robotic technologies to integrate complete system solutions for our clients.

Our palletizers are customizable to the exact pallet pattern and specifications you need. If clients need quicker case palletizing, our High-Speed Palletizer (NRP-460) can orient cases at 60+ units per minute and palletize at this same rate up to 104” in height. We also provide an Auto Stacking Box (NASB-100) that can help stabilize the height for taller pallets or the stack for some more slippery bag types.


We also offer Conventional Palletizers that form a whole and then drop down to continue adding layers, producing a full pallet. Our engineers at NOVA were involved in the evolution of conventional palletizers in the 1980s, and some are still in our building today. We have continued to create new systems and tweak old systems to increase operating speeds, improve reliability, and reduce complexity and maintenance.

Automatic Bagging Machines for Paper and Poly Bags

Our automatic bagging systems are also tailored to each customer’s needs. We offer many types of bagging machines that are able to bag bulk materials efficiently with ROI in mind.

Our Automatic Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Bagging System (HFFS-30) is used for all sorts of applications, such as mulch, soil, rock salt, pet food, etc. This easy and efficient system maximizes the number of poly bags filled during production time.

Our Open-Mouth Bagging System (OMB-4200) is great for filling bags quickly and can handle paper or kraft bags. This system is great for bulk items such as pet food, seed, feed, and sugar. This automatic bag-filling system helps produce products with much higher volume than a manual bagger without worrying about the detrimental costs of downtime.

In addition to our form fill and open-mouth bagging systems, we also have Valve Bag Fillers and Bulk Bag Fillers (BBF-4)

The valve bagger is suitable for bagging up to 360 bags per hour. Our PVP-5 Valve Bag Air Packer has a two-stage product flow control valve and is fully adjustable for various products. The tapered bottom product hopper is engineered to encourage mass flow, thus reducing product segregation.

Our fully automated Bulk Bag Fillers (BBF-4) are available in standalone configurations to automated systems with a wide variety of customizable features and support bulk bags, super sacks, and totes.

Automated Pallet Wrapping / In-Line Stretch Wrapping Machines

As we installed more and more bagging machines and palletizers, the decision to manufacture our automatic stretch-wrapping machines to add to our end-of-line offerings was easy.

Pallet Wrapping is critical for speed, load stabilization, and environmental protection. Our Turn Table Stretch Wrapper (TTW-300) takes a finished pallet, moves it onto our Rotary Table, and then wraps and secures it. Our turntable and rotary stretch wrappers feature a Cut-N-Tuck design to secure the film tail into the pallet wrap, preventing it from unwrapping.

We make a Single Head and Dual Head Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper, where the pallet does not move, but a rotary arm can wrap and secure the pallet.

Turn Table Stretch Wrapper:

Single Head Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper:

Let Us Help with your End of Line Automation Strategy

The NOVA Automation approach to our clients’ challenges isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Over our 25+ years in business, we’ve developed customized solutions that address each customer’s needs. Our competitors won’t even entertain the types of problems we have solved repeatedly.

Call us if you’re automating for the first time or looking to improve or expand your current automation strategy. We’d love to help.