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3 Ways Automating Your Packaging System Leads To Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is the key to overall growth for any successful company. Without a growing revenue stream, your company becomes stagnant, and unable to scale. There could be a number of reasons your business isn’t seeing continued growth. 

However, inconsistent and inefficient processes are one of the more prominent causes. Funds are often wasted through inefficiencies in processes. These inefficiencies, in many cases, are simply caused as a result of human error.

Automated packaging systems not only remove this human error from the equation, they also provide many more opportunities for revenue growth within an organization. 


The number one key to revenue growth is scale. By investing in a process that provides a long term solution for your company, you can achieve what is known in microeconomics as economies of scale. This principle of economics states that as the number of units you are producing increases, your price to produce those units drops significantly. 

Investing in an automated packaging system is a fantastic opportunity to achieve economies of scale and grow your revenue by decreasing costs over time. While an automated bagging system may have upfront costs, they are a significantly better option that allows for long term growth. 

At NOVA Automation, we solve complex challenges with innovative automated packaging solutions that transform processes, people and businesses. 

By solving of these challenges within your business, we provide the opportunity to scale and increase production drastically while reducing defects. We take on challenges our competition simply won’t touch, and we pride ourselves on working with our customers before, during and after installation to fine tune your automated system to meet your company’s specific packaging needs. 


Feeding off of the concept of scale, an automated packaging process allows you to produce higher quantities of product with consistent quality. 

For example, our automated weighing and filling machines are created to maximize fill speed and accuracy of weight. They offer speed and accuracy far superior to that of a human laborer. Instead of weighing the contents for each individual bag and consequently filling them, our machine takes care of it with lighting fast speed and precision.

Another example of our products that provide unparalleled speed to increase your output is our automatic horizontal form fill and seal bagging system. This product is a true testament to our experience and our addressing of previous challenges with automatic bagging systems. Whether it’s mulch or dog food you’re producing, our machines provide you with outrageous increases in speed, and ultimately, revenue. 

More Cost-Effective Than Adding New Employees

There comes a time for every company where maximum output has been reached with current systems in place. Oftentimes, hiring additional manpower seems to be the logical move in order to increase production. 

This can be seen as a nearsighted approach.

Sure, bringing on new employees might increase production for a short period of time. However, implementing an automated packaging system offers long term solutions to your production problems. It can also be difficult to convince top management to invest in more employees. 

Implementing automated packaging systems is a great choice for any business looking to increase production, efficiency, and speed. We work with you from the start and are with you well beyond installation to ensure you are receiving a system perfectly tailored to your business. We are in the market of helping businesses scale, and we have seen consistent customer success time and time again.

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If you’re considering automating your packaging systems please let us know if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you regarding your packaging issues and develop the perfect plan that solves for each of your pain points.

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