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Packaging Automation: Less Room For Error Than Tradition Manual Packaging

Error in the packaging industry can be incredibly costly for companies of all sizes. Oftentimes, these errors arise as a result of simple mistakes made by humans on a packaging line. Humans are unpredictable, and are highly likely to make mistakes. These small mistakes can lead to huge disasters for companies. In some cases, complete shutdowns of the process can occur as a result of a minor human error. This often costs companies exorbitantly high losses.

Traditional Manual Packaging

All it takes is one small mistake by only one employee to wreak havoc on a business. In 2017, a small mistake by either one or a few employees at a leading bread supplier in the US made a mistake that would cause the recall of 3.7 million pounds of food products. Milk accidentally ended up in massive amounts of bread crumbs produced by the company.

Milk is a top ten allergen and is toxic for a large portion of people around the world. This mistake cost the company an incredibly high amount of money and was caused by employees simply failing to follow proper procedures. 

The breading company stated they had proper procedures in place, “But if someone disregards them, you’ve got problems. The mistake was regrettable and expensive.” While no customers were reported to be hurt by this mistake, the company was hurt financially to a great extent.

Another prominent example of human interaction causing great losses comes from a meat producer and packager in Tampa, Florida. The producer was forced to recall nearly 712 pounds of frozen beef and pork products due to possible contamination with human blood. A worker had accidentally cut themselves on the line and may have bled into the product. 

These are just a few examples of human interaction on a packaging line causing massive repercussions for companies. The food industry is particularly prone to these issues but all industries can be hurt by human error. Whether the workers are bleeding into food products or simply not following procedures while bagging product, a company can suffer as a result of their mistakes. 

Automated Packaging

Quality assurance is of utmost importance for companies involved with production and packaging. Defects cost companies time and money. A key to growing revenue and increasing efficiency is reducing these defects as much as possible. Automated packaging is a fantastic way to do this. 

In the past, automated packaging processes were not advanced enough to completely automate the task of overseeing and taking over quality control. Packaging processes can now greatly assist with reducing error and saving companies money. 

Issues with labeling and packaging damage your relationships with customers and your brand as a whole. Our machines offer an opportunity to reduce these mistakes exponentially. With a NOVA automated packaging system, you can remove human error from the equation, and save money that would have been lost on defects as well as extra labor costs. 

Mistakes are inevitable with a human-led process, however, the occurrence of these mistakes is reduced drastically when an automated process is introduced. From mislabeling, to wasted product, to full recalls, an automated system that is strategically integrated into your process will serve to significantly reduce error and save money. 


We are here to find and tailor the perfect automated packaging system your business needs. We believe there is no cookie cutter machine perfect for every business, so we listen to your needs and fit our automated systems to your business accordingly. 

We strive to become the most creative, most trusted, and most sought after provider of automation solutions. We will do this by never giving up, owning our work, valuing others, and always aiming for greatness. Let us show you how these values can help your business be more effective and efficient.


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