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How does automating our packaging lines impact our employees?

An industrial baler with a conveyor system is compacting materials, enclosed by a safety fence, in a warehouse setting.

NOVA Automation understands the misconceptions surrounding automation – especially when it comes to how a new system impacts your current employees. 

Quite often, business owners believe implementing automated systems will eliminate jobs. 

This is simply not true and is one of the many objections business owners commonly have about automation. 

The truth is, automation improves efficiency, provides better jobs with more retention, and more importantly limits human error.

Controlling Illness in Your Manufacturing Plant

Traditional packaging lines often require employees to operate in extremely close proximity to one another. This can be eliminated by automating the process. In our current climate, nothing causes more downtime than a COVID outbreak. 

How Packaging Machinery Automation Impacts Employment

Investing in an automated packaging system doesn’t mean you are taking jobs away from your employees. Instead, it means you can hire far less of them. Laborers will inevitably leave your company. When this happens, it can be extremely difficult to find additional workers, especially with the dramatic labor shortage facing companies today. 

With an automated system, hiring and training new employees is a breeze. Our machines are designed to be incredibly user-friendly. The interface can be learned quickly by new employees. 

Now, when someone leaves your company, you aren’t stuck training to operate a complicated piece of equipment for months on end. Instead, training can be done in a small fraction of that time. 

Automation Leads to Employee Safety

Workplace safety is a big issue for companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have manual processes or automation in place, workplace incidents are bound to happen. 

Workplace injuries resulting from repetitive motion or lifting heavy loads are all too common and end up costing companies enormous amounts of money. 

Investing in an automated system is not only investing in your process, it’s investing in the safety of your employees.

Automating Packaging Lines Equals Efficiency

Downtime due to human error or issues related to human interaction can cost companies innate amounts of money. By reducing the impact human error can have on your packaging, you are keeping your lines up and running more efficiently and reliably. 

NOVA also prides itself on exceptional customer service. This means if there is an issue then we make sure to take care of it quickly. 

When it comes time for maintenance, NOVA is always ready to assist you in getting your line back up and running with minimal downtime. 

Your Employees Will Thank You

Bringing on a NOVA automated system as your newest employee is going to make your life and the lives of your current employees much easier. Your business can operate with labor freedom provided by NOVA Automation without worrying about whether or not everyone on the packaging line is going to make it into work today.

Not only will your employees be physically safer, but you will also be safer against labor shortages and human error.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards automating your packaging lines or improving your current process, let us know. We’re confident we can help.