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What’s the culture like at NOVA Automation? Is it a great place to work in Denver?

As a top manufacturer of industrial automated packaging solutions, there is never a dull moment working at NOVA Automation.

We provide solutions to some of the most complex automated packaging challenges, requiring flexibility, adaptability, and innovation no matter your role. 

Straight From the Source

We talked with Adam Wiley, a field service engineer and one of our incredible employees to see what he thinks about working for NOVA. Here’s what he had to say:

“Working for NOVA is a pleasant shift from a normal company, the largest factor being the company’s culture and core values. The core values being derived from the name in the form of an acronym:

  • Never give up.
  • Own your work.
  • Value others
  • Aim for greatness.

These values they hold very dear create the perfect breeding ground for innovation and collaboration. Teams on all fronts working together towards one common vision, to become the most creative, most trusted and sought-after provider of automation solutions.

Inside this company there are so many brilliant minds striving to solve complex challenges with innovative solutions to transform our customers businesses. The curators and largest proponent of this great company culture is the executive team. 

They pride themselves on making this a great environment and you can tell they truly practice what they preach. Their persistence and perseverance drives me to continually improve on myself and the business. 

I personally believe this organization is kitted with the right tools in its arsenal to achieve greatness and to provide the market with the best possible product all while staying true to its core values.”

There is no better way to understand the value of working at a company like NOVA than hearing it straight from an employee’s mouth. 

Creativity at NOVA

One of the key attributes of everyone working here at NOVA is creativity. Not only do we strive to find inventive ways to optimize our own production, but also find ways to provide optimization, safety, and consistency in our customers’ operations. All of this requires a creative mindset – whether you are a part of the Engineering Design Group or you’re on the production floor carrying out fabrication.

Innovation at the Core

Innovation is the core of our success at NOVA, both as individuals and as a company. Working here provides you the unique opportunity to take a look into the processes and operations making our customers tick. By taking time to understand the bigger picture, you are able to identify the key functions of your role and provide the most value.

Here, innovation starts by being able to see and understand the way our customer’s processes work and to identify and implement ways to improve them. Working at NOVA means you are diligent about challenging the way we do and have done things in the past to identify new ways to meet the evolving needs of our clients and our industry.

Valuing the Individual

Each employee is highly valued for their individual contributions to the team and to the company. No matter what your role is, you are entrusted with the responsibility and opportunity to make an impact. 

Just take a quick walk around the office or production floor. You can see the pride and ownership of work from every team member. This comes with the responsibility to not only own the successes, but also any shortcomings in our work.

As a result, everyone is constantly striving to improve and lift each other up. Teamwork is essential to every project, from the design group to our in house production teams and Field Service experts, immense collaboration is required. Knowing everyone is dedicated enough to own their work facilitates enormous amounts of trust within the team.


As the demand for automation grows, so does our company. This means that whether you want to learn a new skill or better understand why we do something a certain way, there is ample opportunity to learn and grow. 

The opportunity for growth is present in any position within the company and is evident daily. At NOVA, it’s understood there is no limit to the amount of value when focused on improving your skillset and increasing your knowledge. 

Working at NOVA Automation is more than just punching the clock, it’s showing up every day ready to tackle whatever challenges may come your way, taking pride in your work, and being valued for your contributions.

As our values state, you are always encouraged to “Aim for Greatness.”