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NOVA Robotic Palletizing Cell Helps Mulch and Soil Producers

Robotic palletizing is one area of industry that is solving problems in some unexpected ways.

Mulch and soil producers have struggled to build stable pallets that would minimize overhang of the bags. Even though bags are often filled and sealed automatically, there can be many variables. Misaligned bags can be damaged, which hurts the company’s bottom line.

NOVA Automation designed their Automated Palletizing Stack Box (NASB-100) (Patent No. 10,392,199) and combined it with the exceptional performance of Kawasaki’s CP series palletizing robots to overcome this packaging automation challenge.

The result is a fully automated robotic palletizing cell that provides the footprint and stability needed to maximize downstream efficiency in the supply chain. Kawasaki’s CP robot’s precision and speed allow the system to palletize nearly any bag size up to 15 layers high, without any compromises to speed or stability.

A few other features of the NOVA Automated Palletizing Stack Box include:

  • Ideally suited for bagging rates up to 1,320 BPH
  • Robot payload capacities from 150 kg to 270 kg. can handle the most demanding palletizing applications
  • NOVA engineered end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) designed for all types of bags with optional auto-adjust head design, eliminating time-consuming changeover for different products.
  • Kawasaki CP series robot offers a very limited maintenance schedule, including greasing and gearbox fluid change at 5,000 hours.
  • Kawasaki CP series robots achieve an industry-leading 2,050 cycles per hour with loads of 130 kg.
  • Customizable configurations to handle a variety of layouts and building requirements
  • Easily interfaced with new or existing packaging and wrapping systems

It’s no secret that more efficiency can lead to higher profits. We feel this packaging automaton solution has been a great success for our customers in the mulch and soil industry. Contact us to find out more about how this solution can work for you.