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Packaging Automation Product Spotlight: HFFS-30

NOVA Automation’s Model HFFS-30 automatic horizontal form fill & seal bagging system is a product design from experience – four generations of bagging experience to be exact. Our engineering team prides itself on identifying common problems or unique opportunities in the bagging industry and solving for them by developing revolutionary machinery. 

Automatic bagging is a complex industry and it’s imperative our customer’s systems are able to run with minimal operator interface while also achieving maximum production uptime. This newly designed product accomplished this, and much more. 

With the Model HFFS-30 we’ve been able to incorporate rugged, simplistic construction, combined with the industry’s latest most up-to-date controls and diagnostic messaging. These features come standard on nearly all of our HFFS-30 G4 systems. 

Let’s dive into the specifics. 

Our new system provides a film delivery system with precision braking, assuring reliable, high-speed bag indexing. Its single adjustment film perforator simplifies film changeover and cutting depth adjustments.

Also, the eye mark reader is independent of other adjustments, to simplify the change over and fine-tuning process. 

The HFFS-30 G4 boasts an extended range side sealer, providing extra cool time for even the most demanding film types. 

It also has a ruggedized bearing and pulley design, extending the system life in harsh environments. 

The adjustable spout accommodates a wide range of bag sizes. Also, the fill station accommodates up to two bag settlers to enhance both bag density and fill speed. 

Lastly, the top sealer is available in hot air, impulse, or sewn top with an optional easy-open feature. 

  • We also have a variety of optional equipment and accessories for our HFFS-30 G4. These options include, 
  • Additional bottom shaker, 
  • Bag side settler
  • Scale or volumetric filler
  • Horizontal film carriage,
  • Adjustable 3-section hole punch assembly
  • Bag top coder
  • Master HMI interface (common control for bagger, palletizer and wrapper)
  • Film lift assist
  • Gusset forming
  • Bag corner miters
  • Powder-coated frame or complete stainless package

Visit our website for more information on NOVA Automation’s HFFS-30 G4, or any of our other products designed to help your plant become more efficient. Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.