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Packaging Automation Product Spotlight: PVP-5


Not all valve bag fillers are created equal. Different applications require different fillers. Our PVP-5 valve bag air packer solves for this need. Our packer/fillers are designed to maximize fill speed and accuracy. They’re also simple to operate and require just basic minimal maintenance. 

As demand increases, it’s important to have the right technology to ensure you maintain the certain level of quality your customer is used to while also producing more product than ever before. This valve bag air packer does the job on its own, but also works seamlessly with automated bag placement and palletizing systems. No matter how demanding the environment, our fillers deliver a consistent and reliable product. 

Let’s get into the weeds a bit. What are some of the advantages and options of going with our PVP-5 valve bag air packer? We’re glad you asked.

This product is suited for bagging rates up to 700 BPH, which is approximately 12 BPM pet spout. 

It offers a two stage product flow control valve and is fully adjustable for a wide range of products. 

Its tapered bottom product hopper is engineered to encourage mass flow which reduces product segregation.

The PVP-5 valve bag air packer is compact, allowing for incredibly easy installation in new or replacement applications. 

The spout design allows for quick interchange between bag sizes and/or valve styles, minimizing downtime during changes. 

The main structure and product contact parts are available in either carbon or stainless steel, depending on the application. 

It also offers a fully digital control system with a large display to increase the ease of operation. You can also easily interface this product with self-contained oil-less blower assembly. 

Lastly, we see the most success when this product is used for powders and granulars up to ½”. 

Visit our website for more information on NOVA Automation’s PVP-5, or any of our other products designed to help your plant become more efficient. Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.