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Packaging Automation Product Spotlight: NOVA NRP-200 Robotic Palletizer

NOVA Automation offers top of the line robotic palletizer solutions and packaging applications. Through the utilization of a vast array of robotic palletizers, NOVA has enabled the integration of complete system solutions while offering lower capital costs and significant return on investment. 

We understand the functional side of robotic applications on your packaging line and are prepared to assist you in choosing the right machines tailored to your exact requirements. 

This article will discuss the key features and benefits that come with an NRP-200 Robotic palletizer. 


The NRP-200 is ideally suited for rates of up to 1,560 bags per hour. With traditional manual packaging, these kinds of numbers were simply unattainable. 

With a robotic palletizer, not only is the burden of lifting extremely heavy loads lifted from your employees’ shoulders, the efficiency at which those bags are being lifted and loaded increases drastically as well. 

Downtime on a line must also be discussed when considering efficiency. With NOVA, downtime due to repair work is kept at the absolute minimum. All systems ship with remote access and monitoring capabilities.  NOVA has service engineers in strategic locations throughout the United States.  This allows us to perform quick and efficient service if an issue arises. Many of our competitors are located overseas. This makes it a nightmare for customers when the time comes to service your machines. 


Having the ability to customize your machines based on your individual needs is crucial when choosing an automation supplier. With the NRP-200, the machine can be configured to handle anywhere from one to four separate packaging lines. 

The single robotic cell packaging off of a number of lines can serve to save you a significant amount of money. 


The decrease in costs that comes with implementing an automated palletizer such as the NRP-200 is one of the many factors contributing to your return on investment. A robotic palletizer reduces costs by affecting many aspects of your line. 

Less manual laborers are needed to palletize. This doesn’t mean that you are taking jobs away from your employees. It simply means that you need to hire far less of them. Laborers will inevitably leave your company eventually. When this happens, it can be very difficult to find additional workers, especially with the dramatic labor shortage facing companies today. 

With an automated system, hiring and training of new employees is a breeze. Our machines are designed to be incredibly user friendly. The interface can be learned very quickly by trainees. This means that when someone leaves your company, you aren’t stuck training someone new for months to operate an incredibly complicated piece of equipment. Instead, training can be done in a small fraction of that time. 

NOVA Automation

At NOVA, we are ready to walk you through the process of implementing robotic systems into your packaging line and ensure that you have the exact solution to your needs. The NRP-200 robotic palletizer offers solutions for a wide range of palletizing and packaging applications. 

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