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Packaging Automation Product Spotlight: NOVA Model NP-30 High Level Palletizer

NOVA Automation has been committed to product improvement and R&D since our involvement in the evolution of conventional palletizers in the 1980s. We have continued to lead the industry in new offerings during this time, while pioneering machines capable of speeds of 3,600 units per hour. 

Our equipment is designed to increase operating speeds, improve reliability, and reduce complexity and maintenance. No matter what your palletizing needs may be, NOVA Automation has the solution to your most complex palletizing problems. 

We offer a range of high-level palletizing system models, but today we are taking an in-depth look at the NP-30 and some of its key features as well as the benefits the equipment could supply your business. 

Ease of Integration

When it comes time to integrate an automated machine into your packaging line, the integration can be rather tricky, and we understand this. Our palletizers are easily interfaced with all types of automatic filling and stretch wrapper systems.

We take the time to understand your company’s unique packaging and palletizing needs and are ready to cater our equipment to your exact needs. 


All of the components used in our palletizers are name brand. This ensures the best possible service when it comes time to perform maintenance on your system. Since any needed parts or additional items are always ready to go, there is no extra downtime on your line only to fix a small problem with your palletizer. 

On top of name brand components, being located within the United States also serves to ensure the best possible service for your business. Many automated system providers are located overseas. This results in serious issues and downtime for the customer when maintenance or service is needed. 

Reduced Complexity

With the severe labor shortages facing companies today, complex machines can be a great risk for businesses. What happens when an employee leaves and he or she was the only one who knew how to operate a rather complex system? The company is left hung out to dry while they take weeks or even months to train the next man for the job. 

NOVA palletizing systems are all designed with simplicity in mind. This means that when it comes time to train new employees, it can be done in exponentially less time than ever before. Our equipment makes both your job and your employees’ jobs significantly easier. 


Workplace injuries present serious and complex issues for a vast number of businesses every day. Whether it is a repetitive motion injury or something else, the costs quickly stack up when a workplace injury arises. 

With an automated system, the risk of injury is reduced significantly. Repetitive motions such as lifting heavy bags on to pallets are eliminated entirely, and your employees can come to work knowing that the days of sore backs and painful soreness are over. 

NOVA Automation

The NP-30 high-level palletizing system is ideally suited for palletizing rates up to 1,950 units per hour. You can exponentially increase your palletizing speed by investing in a system such as the NP-30. The benefits and features of the machine are almost as vast as the financial benefits your company will see. 

NOVA has been developing and improving our palletizers for 40+ years. Investing in one of our automated systems is sure to be the best decision for your company. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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