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Product Spotlight: NOVA BBF-4 Bulk Bag and Tote Fillers

Bulk Bag Filling Equipment

Our top of the line bulk bag and tote fillers are meant to simplify your filling process. They are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. The features of our filling equipment are vast. This article will discuss the features and benefits that come with a NOVA BBF-4 bulk bag and tote filler. 


When deciding on the right equipment for your business. Customization is of utmost importance. Each packaging line is different, and our bag and tote fillers can be perfectly catered to your needs. Optional metering systems can be added to control your product feed. 

Gravity type valves and powered feeder assemblies can be added to the equipment if need be. Our unique “pin and ladder” frame can quickly adjust for a wide range of bag/container sizes. This means that you can use this filling system for a number of different products.

It is important that you have flexibility in your ability to fill different sizes and weights of bags. The frame of the machine can also adjust to accommodate both square and rectangular bags. The BBF-4 filling system has fill weight capacities ranging from 100-4400 pounds. This machine is perfect for a company packaging one or many products. 

The fill heads assure dust tight filling even with fine, pondered products. The BBF-4 system is perfect for all kinds of products. Your business is one of a kind, and our equipment is ready to be adapted to perfectly suit whatever it may be you need. 


Our fillers are sure to increase the productivity and efficiency of your packaging line. Optional pallet dispensers enable filling rates as high as 30 bags per hour. 

Decreased downtime with our equipment due to our exceptional service also aids in boosting your productivity. Our products are backed by a service team trained on your specific products and solution. Most automated packaging companies have technicians with a wide range of skills, but lack knowledge specific to your system.  This approach requires a learning curve and costs your business time and money.

When it comes time for service and support, NOVA is always ready to assist you in getting your line back up and running with minimal downtime. 

Accuracy is another crucial aspect of efficiency. With the BBF-4 system, you can program weights in as little as .5 pound increments. With a consistent product feed, accuracies of plus or minus one pound are typical, ensuring that you are not wasting product or shorting your customers on your very valuable goods. 

Clean and Cleanable

All of our NOVA automated systems are incredibly clean during the packaging process and are also very easy to clean when the time comes. This ensures that you do not cross-contaminate products while switching between packaging different types of material. This cross-contamination can be a serious issue in many of the industries we serve, so we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and ease of cleaning on all of our machines. 

NOVA Automation Can Help

When the time comes to purchase a bulk bag and tote filler, the BBF-4 filling system is second to none. Its ability to be customized to fit any company’s needs makes it easy to integrate into any packaging line.

The machine is sure to increase your efficiency and productivity through increased fill rates, reduced downtime, and reduced waste. The equipment’s ease of cleaning and general cleanliness is another huge benefit to the BBF-4. 

Contact us today to find out what we can do for your company.

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