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The Benefits of Packaging Automation for the Chemical and Mineral Industry

Packaging automation is a great investment any company can make to better their packaging line. However, we have seen particular success in the chemical and mineral industry. 

There are many reasons investing in an automated packaging system can greatly benefit a company dealing with chemicals and minerals, here are a few of them.  

Employee Turnover

Oftentimes, companies look at an automated system as replacing their employees. This is not at all the case. This negative outlook on automation causes companies to fear blowback from their current employees and look at themselves as being unethical by causing their highly valued employees to lose jobs. 

Automation doesn’t eliminate jobs, it simply makes them better. 

Today, companies like your chemical and mineral companies are struggling to find employees. Their turnover rates are that of a revolving door. Employees simply do not stick around. Employees are being stolen by companies like Amazon who advertise air-conditioned, comfortable warehouses with numerous long breaks throughout the day. 

In a business as demanding and fast-paced as mineral and chemical production, there simply isn’t time to stop and take hour-long breaks. You need to keep moving. 

Automation provides this opportunity. Employees are no longer lifting incredibly heavy loads onto pallets or carrying around buckets of chemicals. They are no longer dripping in sweat while daydreaming of the weekend when they can simply relax. 

They are learning to operate and maintain a machine doing the heavy lifting for them. They no longer dread work every day because of their wickedly sore backs and arms. Their fingers and their minds are doing the lifting. 

Automation makes your employees happier and requires fewer jobs for you to attempt to fill in a market in which physical laborers are seriously lacking. You will find your employees will stick around longer and will be much happier every day.  Our friendly and easy to use automation creates satisfied and content employees. 

Clean and Cleanable

In the chemical and mineral space, there is no room for tainted products. This is the same reason automation is so important for the food industry, your products simply cannot be sullied by a mistake made by an employee on the packaging line. 

We like to say our machines are “Clean and Cleanable.” While an employee is sweating and has dirty hands among a plethora of other potential contaminants to your product, our automated systems most certainly do not. This risk of contamination is virtually eliminated with an automated system. Our machines are immensely clean, and if they are to get dirty, they are incredibly easy to clean. 

NOVA Automation

By acting in a proactive manner and investing in an automated system, you are bettering your business and helping your employees in the long and short term. Your chemical and mineral business needs to be incredibly efficient and incredibly clean. There is no better way to improve your packaging to best suit your company than with an automated system. 

Contact us today to learn more about how NOVA Automation can better your chemical/ mineral business. 

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