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The Benefits of Packaging Automation for the Food Industry

In our current economic climate, many businesses are struggling immensely. However, if you are in the food industry, this is not the case. Many of these food companies have seen drastically increased demand during the virus as people are eating much more. At NOVA, we serve the companies who make the food for the people who make the food you love. For instance, we create machines to package steam rolled oats, which are then processed to go into the products consumers love such as cookies or bread. 

Without efficient and safe packaging processes, these raw food companies can suffer massive losses at the hands of error. Here are a few of the many benefits packaging automation with NOVA can provide a food company. 


Without automation, human error is inevitable. For a major US bread supplier, all it took was one employee mistake of adding milk accidentally to the breadcrumbs to set off the largest recalls in the history of our country. Over 4 million pounds of food had to be recalled due to milk (a leading allergen) ending up in massive amounts of products. 

By automating your food packaging line, you significantly reduce the risk of human error in the process. This risk is especially prevalent in the food industry. The cleanliness and safety of the product are incredibly significant during the packaging process. You can make your process much cleaner and safer for the end consumer while reducing the unnecessary risk your business is taking on during the packaging process. 


It can be extremely difficult to find workers willing to operate in hot packaging factories. With companies like Amazon boasting their air-conditioned facilities where employees are comfortable and are provided a plethora of breaks and amenities throughout the day, getting people to come work on your food packaging line can be a great challenge for many businesses. 

Automation is a fantastic way to solve this problem. You are not taking jobs away from your people in any way. You are simply making their jobs easier. You can simply turn your automated system into your greatest tenured employee. 

By making our systems incredibly easy to operate, the time needed to train a new employee on how to operate it is very low. When employees leave for whatever reason, you can easily bring on new employees who can operate the machinery. 

Automating your packaging line is a great way to not only make your employees jobs much easier but also to reduce the need for extra employees and make those jobs far more attractive when extra help is needed. 

NOVA Automation

NOVA provides top of the line automated packaging machines for all manners of companies. However, the food industry is one of the best industries for packaging automation. There is little room for error in the food industry, as any small error can lead to massive losses for the company. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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