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Robotic Palletizing for Cases, Cartons, Bags, and Pails

Lower costs, reduced labor, and rapid return are among the many benefits that a company receives when they invest in a robotic palletizer. These machines are becoming a crucial part of automated packaging processes. Companies handling cases, cartons, bags, or pails can leverage these machines to reap great benefits for their business. 

Improved Working Conditions

Robotic palletizers significantly reduce the amount of continuous repeated movement that is required from your manual laborers.

The process of placing your product on pallets is often a bottleneck constraint for companies. By automating this stage in the process, you completely eliminate work stoppages due to the tiring of employees as they are required to repetitively lift heavy loads. 

On top of saving time, reducing these repetitive movements reduces injuries connected to these movements drastically. While these movements are most likely present elsewhere in your process (unless you are completely automated), removing them from this stage is greatly beneficial for both employees and employers. 

Reduction in Costs

Our robotic palletizers are suited for rates up to 1,560 bags units per hour or 2,100 cases per hour. for a single pick.  This rate can double or triple with multiple picks. This increase in production speed leads to a decrease in costs. By achieving economies of scale in your production process, you can produce a significantly higher amount of product for significantly lower costs. 

The possibilities of cost reduction with robotic palletizers are endless. For example, these systems can operate day and night, and do not require lighting and have a wide operating temperature range. This means that you can reduce your utility expenses by turning off unnecessary lighting. You could also save money on heating and cooling. costs due to the fact that these machines can operate at an array of temperatures. 

Labor costs are also decreased with robotic palletizing systems. By not requiring a large amount of manpower to lift and place bags on pallets, you can save money on hiring costs, and can instead focus on investing in more automation for your process!

Handling of Many Lines

Our machines can be configured to handle anywhere from one to four separate packaging lines. This allows you to save significant time in your process by palletizing your product all in one place while saving you valuable space in your warehouse. 

These machines will fit perfectly into your space. We are here to work with you along the way and ensure that you are receiving the best possible solution for your needs. 

NOVA Automation

Utilizing a wide range of robotics suppliers, NOVA is ready to integrate complete system solutions into your process. Our robotic palletizers are sure to reap great benefits for your company. 

Our palletizers offer an incredibly fast return on investment as you save money on a vast number of different costs while increasing your production speed and reducing defects. 

Our robotic palletizers can be combined with our packaging and wrapping systems to create an end-to-end fully automated packaging solution.  Our robotic palletizers are easily integrated into existing packaging and wrapping systems.   and also are the best option when building a system from scratch. Our engineers are here to assist you in choosing the best possible equipment solution to fit exactly what you need. 

We are in the business of bettering YOUR business!

A robotic palletizer is a fantastic automation solution to add to your systemoperation, not only will your employees be happy; so will your accountant. As the costs drop and productivity increases, you are sure to be happy that you invested in a robotic palletizer for your packaging line. 

Contact us today to learn more, we would love to hear from you!

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