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The Benefits of Packaging Automation for the Lawn and Garden Industry

An industrial facility with machinery and a worker walking. Conveyor systems, large robotic arm, and stacks of materials are visible. The context hints at a production or packaging area.

The lawn and garden industry is perfectly suited for automation. There are pain points faced every day by owners and managers of lawn and garden companies.  These range from mom and pop businesses to larger companies such as Scotts.  The pain points they face can be greatly reduced by implementing automation into their production lines. 

We hear from lawn and garden businesses every day about the problems they are facing. We are in the business of helping your company operate more effectively. Lawn and garden companies have been coming to us for over a quarter-century, and we know how to help them. 

Lack of Labor

When it comes to the issues facing lawn and garden companies, a lack of human laborers is always at the top of mind. In the past ten years, the amount of people looking to work manual labor jobs has decreased drastically. 

When we talk to lawn and garden companies, their biggest problem is usually a lack of available laborers. Working at a lawn and garden company is hard work, there’s no question about that. It is not easy filling bags with mulch all day or lifting those bags onto pallets and wrapping them. Especially during busy seasons when it is wickedly hot and humid, workers are deterred from these intense labor jobs. 

Automation is the perfect solution to this problem. By automating your line, you eliminate the need for so many of these increasingly rare laborers and instead save money on labor costs, as well as decreasing the risk of having to pay workers comp for an employee hurt on the job. 

An automated line doesn’t get too hot, it doesn’t wake up and not want to go to work, and it doesn’t have to take breaks. Automated machines don’t even sweat or get stinky! 

Automating your process is the perfect solution for a lawn and garden business struggling to find workers. 


With automated lines, just like any machine, there will inevitably come a time where you require service from the company through which you purchased the machines. When this time comes, there is no one better than NOVA Automation to have in your corner. 

NOVA is based in the USA. Oftentimes with automation companies, they are based overseas, making them incredibly hard to reach when service time rolls around. The last thing you want when your packaging line has stopped is to not be able to get a hold of any service technicians. 

NOVA is always ready to be at your service when you need us. Our experienced technicians are versed in your entire line, because we make it all.  This makes your experience 100 times easier than with most other automation companies. 

Typically, a certain technician only deals with one machine on a line. This leads to increased downtime in your bagging operation as the company struggles to find the right person for the job. 

In the lawn and garden industry, there is often not much time to spare, as demands rise during the busy months, the absolute last thing any lawn and garden company needs are increased downtime on their production line. 

NOVA Automation

NOVA is here to help you every step along the way. We have been serving lawn and garden companies for over 25 years, and we know exactly how to help you get where you want to go. 

We ensure that whatever needs or problems your lawn and garden company is facing, we can help you solve these problems and grow your business in the process. 

Check out our website today and reach out to us to find out exactly what we can do for you.

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